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 SERVICE PROVISION CONTRACT FOR: (Specify here the type of service contracted by the client) 

iTCommMedia Latam and THE CLIENT, have agreed to enter into this 5Ghertz SIGNAL Service Provision Agreement, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Honduras, in order to establish the clauses and conditions under which the services will be provided, in the manner Next:
1. OBJECTIVES OF THE CONTRACT. iTCommMedia Latam AND THE CLIENT, agree that the former will provide the latter with the 5Ghertz WIFI SIGNAL Services, hereinafter called the "Service", both parties being governed by this contract.
2. USE OF SERVICES. The client agrees to use the service only for lawful purposes and not to use the services for purposes other than those contracted.
3. RATES AND CHARGES: the prices that the client must pay monthly to iTCommMedia Latam and the charges that are formulated are detailed in this contract and that the client declares to know.
iTCommMedia Latam reserves the right to modify the rates contracted by the client in accordance with the provisions of current legislation when it comes to any change in rates, iTCommMedia Latam will communicate it by mass media before its application.
4. INVOICES AND PAYMENT: a liquid Account Statement will be issued monthly on a certain day, which will be known as the cut-off date, which must be paid in national currency (of your country) before the ____5___ day of each month.
THE CLIENT will pay iTCommMedia Latam: a) The monthly payment for the services provided, including the charges for additional contracted services. b) Any other additional service contracted from iTCommMedia Latam, such as additional equipment, internet transport service, VOIP telephony, as well as other services. c) Cost of installation and activation that will be indicated in the service request. d) In case of loss or damage by the client of the delivered equipment, the Client must pay for it according to the rates defined by iTCommMedia Latam and f) The monthly billing will be sent to the address notified by the client and if for any reason the Client does not receive his Account Statement in a given month, the responsibility for payment will not be released, forcing him to request it directly from the iTCommMedia Latam Customer Service Department to prevent his account from incurring in arrears. Likewise, it is understood that changes of address not notified to iTCommMedia Latam do not exempt the client from timely payment of the service.
5. PLACE OF PAYMENT: Payments must be made at the points of sale or offices of iTCommMedia Latam or at banks or other institutions authorized for this purpose by iTCommMedia Latam, as well as via cell phone through the Call Center via Debit card. and Credit included directly from the online store at .
6. PAYMENTS WITH CHECKS: When the payment for any concept is made by check without sufficient funds or said checks were rejected, the Client is obliged to pay in cash, the value of the amount owed, plus the charge of 1% of the value of the check and in case of recurrence, iTCommMedia Latam is entitled to the collection set forth in the Commercial Code of the client's country.
7. EFFECTS OF NON-PAYMENT: In any case, the customer is obliged to pay their bills for services or equipment before or on the due date of their bills, regardless of the amount. Any delay or breach of the client's obligations will empower iTCommMedia Latam to suspend the delinquent service and any other service that the Client has in his name, without the need for prior notification. The reconnection or rehabilitation, as the case may be, of any suspended service will generate a charge for said reconnection in accordance with the current regulation indicated by CONTATEL.
8. PLAZA FOR INSTALLATION AND CONDITIONS: The installation period of the service will be 72 hours from the request for the service. The installation of the service requested in this contract is subject to iTCommMedia Latam coverage in the installation sector, otherwise, you will be promptly notified of the date of the redesign of the Network and the probable date of installation. In the event that the installation is not carried out within the time stipulated in this clause, iTCommMedia Latam must reimburse the amount paid by the Client according to what is defined in the seventh clause specifically in relation to the return of money.
9. MONEY REFUND: The refund of money will only be made in the following cases: a) If the client decides, after signing the contract, to suspend the installation order before the service is installed. b) If the installation in a condominium, apartments or buildings requires prior permission from the owner or administrator of the same, without the permission having been duly processed and approved. The minimum period to be billed is one month from the day the service is activated, if for any reason the Client decides to terminate this contract before the end of this period, what is indicated in the fourth clause will apply, referring to the billing period. and d) The return of balances at customer value will be made within thirty (30) business days after the request, as long as there are no outstanding balances and the equipment is returned to iTCommMedia Latam by the customer or until the value of the same if the CUSTOMER does not return it
10. TERM OF THE CONTRACT: this contract will have the validity determined by iTCommMedia Latam, which is established on the front of this contract, this contract will have automatic renewal for terms equal to the agreed one, unless one of the parties formally expresses and in writing to the other your desire to cancel at least thirty calendar days before the due date, and the client must pay all the appropriate amounts.
11. EARLY TERMINATION: If the Client terminates the contract early, voluntarily or involuntarily, before the term signed for the service, the Client undertakes to pay iTCommMedia Latam the equivalent amount for administrative expenses.
12. SUSPENSION OF THE SERVICE: iTCommMedia Latam may temporarily suspend the Service or terminate the contract without any liability or onerous burden against it and without the need for a judicial resolution and, consequently, suspend the service definitively in the following cases:
a) If the client fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this contract;
b) If the use that the client makes of the Service endangers the safety of persons or property or uses it for other criminal or illicit purposes;
c) If the information provided by the client to iTCommMedia Latam is false or incorrect;
d) If there are delays in payment by the customer of one month;
e) If there is default by the client in the payment of any appropriate amount to iTCommMedia Latam;
f) If the client uses the service for illicit purposes or in a way that contravenes the Framework Law of the Telecommunications Sector or any other law or regulation.
13. TERMINATION OR CANCELLATION OF THE CONTRACT: The following are grounds for terminating the contract:
a) Failure to comply with some of the clauses stipulated in this contract, especially those referring to rates and customer payments.
b) If the service or equipment enabled by iTCommMedia Latam is used for other purposes than those of lawful and normal use of communication.
c) If the documentation and information provided by the client turn out to be false.
The cancellation of the contract for any reason does not release the client from the responsibility of paying the pending charges in favor of iTCommMedia Latam for services rendered before the date of cancellation of the contract.
14.VARIATION OF PROGRAMMING AND TRANSMISSION POLICIES: iTCommMedia Latam is not responsible, nor should it be understood as a breach of this contract, for implementing unilateral changes or variations in its programming and in its transmission policies, forced by reasons of variations or modifications in the transmission policies or in the transmission and emission by the companies providing the signals, as well as for reasons of complying with the legal system in force in the country, among others. To this response, iTCommMedia Latam will communicate the change to the client either through inserts in the invoices or receipts or by electronic means indicated by the client or by means of notice on the website, or notices on a TV news channel. . Once the change or modification has been implemented, the client will have the right to decide whether or not to continue contracting the services supplied by iTCommMedia Latam. In case of deciding not to continue contracting the services within a period of five calendar days after the implementation of the change or modification, the Client must appear at any of the authorized Stores of iTCommMedia Latam in order to carry out the termination of the contract. signed. After this period, without the client having completed the signed contract. iTCommMedia Latam will understand that the client accepts the new conditions and the implemented changes.

 15. AUTHORIZATION TO INSTALL, REVISE AND UNINSTALL: a) iTCommMedia Latam undertakes to install the 5Ghertz SIGNAL equipment at the address indicated by the client  required for the provision of the contracted service, once the request for the Service has been approved. b) when the service request is approved, iTCommMedia Latam will program the installation of the equipment for the reception of the 5Ghertz SIGNAL signal and its subsequent activation, any program or software that prevents the correct installation of the service must be removed from the system before running the installation process, c) It is defined as “Installation Equipment”  el required to connect the equipment. Any material outside of what is defined here that is needed for said installation, will be paid separately by THE CLIENT as any additional service requested. It is understood by the client that all the equipment and its accessories are the property of iTCommMedia Latam,. D) The cost of installing SIGNAL 5Ghertz   is included in the subscription price except in cases of additional installations or devices, in which case the additional cost previously agreed by THE CLIENT must be paid separately . e) THE CLIENT authorizes iTCommMedia Latam staff or authorized contractors who will be duly identified to carry out all necessary installations, repairs and verifications of the contracted service, of the internal network of the property(s) where it will be installed. You accept that the installation of the contracted service is conditional on compliance with the recommendations indicated by the technician. The client who does not agree with the inspection or with the technical recommendations accepts that iTCommMedia Latam will not install the service and that the contract will be terminated immediately, and iTCommMedia Latam must only return the money that the Client has delivered within the term stipulated in this contract in accordance with the seventh clause of this contract.
16. FAILURE OF THE SERVICE: iTCommMedia Latam does not assume any responsibility for interruptions of the service caused by reasons of force majeure or fortuitous event, the failures will be repaired as soon as possible and with the greatest diligence by iTCommMedia Latam, under the understanding that the client will continue to be responsible for payment for the contracted service or package.
17. PROGRAMMING CONTENT, RESPONSIBILITY: the client who requests the services of iTCommMedia Latam, does so under his own responsibility and authorizes iTCommMedia Latam to proceed with its installation, releasing the company from any responsibility, in relation to the eventual content that is retransmitted. They also have the obligation to prevent minors from watching programs that are not suitable for them.
18.EQUIPMENT CONNECTION: iTCommMedia Latam is only obliged to the client to connect the link and in case of contracting additional services to the basic one, iTCommMedia Latam is only obliged to connect the respective converter or modulator and is not responsible for connecting equipment, accessories, that the client has, for which the client must call his trusted technician.
19. FACTS THAT RELEASE iTCommMedia Latam FROM LIABILITY TO THE CUSTOMER: a) The obligation of iTCommMedia Latam to provide the services agreed in this agreement will be governed, from the installation of the service in the event that the contracted service cannot be installed and the causes are attributable to iTCommMedia Latam, it will only be responsible for returning the money received to the client, who will not be able to charge any damage or loss, b) Likewise, iTCommMedia Latam does not assume any responsibility for illegal or unauthorized access by the client that third parties may do to your equipment, or for the amounts that you are billed for such access. c) iTCommMedia Latam, may not temporarily suspend the supply of the service due to repair or maintenance of the equipment, without any responsibility on its part towards the client or third parties, d) iTCommMedia Latam is free of any responsibility or claim, for the suspension of its services, when these originate from administrative acts, court order or any other competent authority, force majeure, unforeseen event, excessive burden, responsibility of a third party, as long as they are not actions attributable solely to iTCommMedia Latam or its officials and ) iTCommMedia Latam is free from all responsibility for the disconnection or poor quality of the signal or when the client has manipulated the equipment   and the connections made by iTCommMedia Latam.
20. ASSIGNMENT OF RIGHT: the client may assign the service rights to third parties for which they must submit a written request, as long as said assignment does not cause damage to iTCommMedia Latam and the new client meets the requirements established by iTCommMedia Latam and is reserves the right to evaluate the credit and thus credit or not as a customer. If accepted, the assigning client must cancel the invoices pending payment plus the accumulated charges for services used not yet invoiced on the day of the assignment and once the total debt is paid, the assignment of rights will be formalized. .
21. RENUNCIATION: the client accepts as payable and past due the amounts that iTCommMedia Latam presents with respect to this contract in the event of any collection or claim proceeding through the courts. The client renounces his domicile and submits to the courts that iTCommMedia Latam chooses and indicates and also submits to the procedure that the latter chooses to make judicial collections. The client will limit the addresses registered in this contract to receive notifications, judicial or extrajudicial summons, forcing themselves to notify iTCommMedia Latam of any change in them.
22.POWER OF REPRESENTATION: if the client is a natural person, legal entity or organization other than the one signing this contract, the signatory may sign on behalf of the client, for which a sufficient document will be, the WITNESS of power granted before a notary where the representative of the natural or legal person or organization empowers him for such acts. iTCommMedia Latam reserves the right to validate the applications submitted with such documents. In the event that the client has not granted power or authorization to represent him, or that the signatory is not legitimately authorized for this purpose, the signatory accepts and acknowledges that he is personally obliged to comply with all the obligations that he intended to contract on behalf of the client, including legal fees.
23. GUARANTOR: If the client is a natural person, corporation, partnership or other entity, the undersigned and/or undersigned personally guarantees unconditionally and at all times the payment to iTCommMedia Latam of the balances owed by said natural person, corporation, company or other entity for the services provided under this contract. The undersigned and/or undersigned waives the need to be notified of any obligation or transaction that iTCommMedia Latam in whole or in part may create, renew, extend, modify for said natural person, corporation, partnership or entity during the term of this contract.
24. DEATH OF THE CUSTOMER: In the event of the death of the customer, the use of the service may be continued, through a request for a change of ownership in favor of the surviving spouse or any family member who has one of the equipment. In such a case, the interested party will notify iTCommMedia Latam of this intention within a period not exceeding 30 calendar days from the date of death. With the exception of what is indicated in this clause, the death of the client will terminate this
25. CENTRAL RISK AUTHORIZATION: the client declares that he has authorized iTCommMedia Latam to consult his credit record prior to the signing of this contract and authorizes it to make the consultations he deems necessary during the term of this contract.
26. SPECIAL THIRD AGE RATE: the elderly will enjoy the discount on the payment of the total bill for the services mandated by law, once the requirements that the bill is in the name of the beneficiary are fulfilled, after which it will only apply to a single contract for each service and other requirements contained in said Law or any reform therein.
27.WIFI AND/OR SATELLITE SERVICE QUALITY PARAMETERS: In accordance with the provisions of the Republic of Honduras, it states that the SIGNAL 5Ghertz signal system complies with the recommendations that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) establishes for fixed systems. satellite relating to the provision of audio and video transmission and internet in order to provide full network availability.
ACCEPTANCE: the contracting parties accept each and every one of the clauses of this contract, as well as the conditions and terms expressed in it and signed in the city of  ____ on the ____ days of the month of _______ of the year ______



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